Villa F


Antonio Iraci

Iraci Architetti

Project details:

  • Client: Private
  • Location: Acireale, Catania
  • Collaborators: Geom. Concept Pidatella, Ing. Paola Giuffrida, Arch. Serena Vivirito, Arch. Mario Renda, interior design Veronica Perricone, Arch Simone Celeste, Arch Nicholas Iraci, Arch Carla Maugeri

A villa that interacts with the horizon and brings inside a subtropical Mediterranean garden. A project with a strong signature character of Iraci Architects.

The villa’s park is designed by Piante Faro. Constructed entirely of glass walls, Navona travertine floors and volumes in Brown travertine, cancel any boundary between exterior and interior. The iron table is designed by Iraci Architects, as well as the suspended cabinet with pop-up kitchen.

The line of the pool follows the large living room designed to welcome numerous friends.

Spaces and transparencies of the brown travertine connect the wellness and relax area proceeding to the living room and the outdoor staircase that opens to the terrace.

The entire project was developed around a 14 meters high rare subtropical plant , the Shefflera Actinophylla.

A strong project with an amazing intensity that is born and grows alongside an extraordinary landscape, a relationship and deep friendship between the architects Antonio Iraci and Carla Maugeri and the customer Michele Faro, owner together with his brother of Piante Faro, a garden center known throughout the world, and his wife Giusi Aricò, pharmacist.

The villa extends over three floors and plays with volumes that are born semi-hypogea. The Shefflera crosses the entire living room, coming from the relax area, overlooking the pool, touching the external marble staircase all the way to the terrace of the guest area. Everything combines perfectly with the other client’s passion: the vineyard on the slopes of Etna.

Precious materials in different colors bind or distinguish spaces, creating balances between empty and full, transparency and materiality, continuity between interior and exterior. Even the interior design was chosen in perfect synergy with architecture, with a delicate color palette; the furniture, never predictable and often bespoke, includes natural materials, wood, metal, fabric, marble.

The clients’ dream was to create great architecture in a strong naturalistic context; a vibrant house, a project of great breath, creating an intimate family setting, open to friends, combining indoor and outdoor living perfect for every season, with large flexible spaces that can be closed with sliding walls. The cape over Acireale, jewel of the baroque with its many churches, which dive on the Ionian sea, was the right place to accomplish this project. The clients gave free rein to the designers, confident that they would build a house that, interacting with the landscape, would enhance the views, the sea over the pines framed by continuous stained glass, and Etna through the sun shade in wooden planks. Among the most beautiful plants there is the Chorisia Insignis, a huge tree with bottle-shaped trunk native to South America.

Linear and dark, the Boffi kitchen is situated in two large parallel volumes, at the same height, one for the pantry and the other for the bar that extends to integrate the snack area. On the sides of the cabinet, also Boffi, the two windows open onto the orchard and the vegetable garden.

The third floor of the villa seems to float in the air, solid, simply resting on the volume at garden level. Dining table and armchairs by Paola Lenti. From the inside to outside of the living room and the kitchen, a wall covered in Brown travertine between outside and inside, the glass walls, views of the green, summarize the guiding themes of the project.

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