Cookie Policy

PNA website (hereinafter, respectively, the “Site” and “PNA”), which can be visited at, uses some cookies for users. With this policy, PNA informs the user about the cookies installed only by the Site, their characteristics and the related management methods. For cookies installed on any other websites that can be reached through the Site, users are instead invited to consult the relevant cookie policies.


Cookies are small text files (generally made up of letters and numbers), which are saved on the device used by the user (computer, tablet, mobile phone or other mobile device) and examined each time the user accesses the Site. Cookies make it technically possible to record, for a certain period of time (variable depending on the duration of use), useful information to ensure that the Site is easily usable and effective, as well as to understand how the user uses the Site and what the preferences he showed.

There are different types of cookies:

  1. based on the duration of their use,
  • session cookies, which are automatically removed at the end of the browser session; is
  • permanent cookies, which remain stored in the user’s device even after the browser session has ended;
  1. based on the person who installs them on the user’s device,
  • first-party (or proprietary) cookies, which are installed by the website the user is visiting; and
  • third-party cookies, which are installed by a website other than the one the user is visiting.


The Site uses necessary, statistical and marketing cookies (see below for the related definitions).

The necessary cookies are used to allow the user to access the Site and navigate it, therefore, they do not require the user’s consent.

Statistical and marketing cookies, on the other hand, operate only with the user’s consent. This consent may be provided or denied by the user on his first visit to the site, in the manner indicated in the appropriate banner.

On the occasion of further visits to the Site, the user can also revoke the consent previously given to the use of these cookies. To do this, the user can use the page dedicated to the management of cookies.

Functionality cookies
These cookies allow users to use third party programs and features on the Site. They do not require users’ consent, because they are installed to guarantee users the services they have requested.

The Site uses YouTube cookies to allow the user to view the video in the “Exhibitors” section.


The Site uses various links, which allow users to visit PNA’s Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube profiles. These links – which appear as icons of the related social networks – do not involve the installation of third-party cookies.


Users are advised that, by changing the settings of the browser used, they always have the possibility to delete the cookies already installed and not to accept new ones.

The procedures to follow to change these settings are different for each type of browser and each operating system used.

Here are the links relating to the cookie settings of the most popular browsers:

Users can find more information on the main cookies used on the internet (statistical and marketing) and on how to uninstall them by consulting the opt-out page of the Network Alliance Initiative, the opt-out page of the Digital Advertising Alliance, or the site


When the user visits the Site, the Site itself and third-party websites install some cookies on the device used by the user.

Necessary cookies
These cookies, session or permanent, make a website usable, allowing, for example, navigation between pages, or access to restricted areas. No website could function properly without them.

Here are the necessary cookies that are installed when visiting the Site:

Scope: To store the language preference
Expiration: 1 day
Type: HTTP

Scope: To store the privacy setting
Expiration: 1 Year
Type: HTTP

Statistical cookies
These cookies are used to collect statistical information in aggregate form on the number of users who visit the Site, and on the ways in which they visit the Site. For example, they allow you to know how many and which are the most and least visited pages, how long users have spent on average on the Site which keywords were most used by users on search engines to reach the Site.

Here are the statistical cookies that are installed – with the consent of the users – in case of a visit to the Site:

Supplier: Google Analytics
Scope: Register a unique ID used to generate statistical data on how the user uses the website
Expiration: 2 years
Type: HTTP

Supplier: Google Analytics
Scope: Used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of requests
Expiration: 1 day
Type: HTTP

Supplier: Google Analytics
Scope: Register a unique ID used to generate statistical data on how the user uses the website
Expiration: 1 day
Type: HTTP

Supplier: Facebook
Scope: To store and track visits across websites
Expiration: 3 months
Type: HTTP

Marketing cookies
These cookies are used to analyze visitor preferences while browsing the web. To ensure that, while browsing the Site and other websites, users view advertisements tailored to the preferences shown.

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