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Project details:

  • Client: Private
  • Location: Sondrio, Lombardia

The building object of the project is located in the Province of Sondrio in the Orobie Alps at about 1000 meters above sea level. Primary objectives of the restructuring of the existing ruin: make the most of the solar radiation, natural lighting and the view towards the valley bottom.

Given these premises, after a careful analysis of the context, the possibilities in terms of exposure, the study of sunlight and the study of technologies and values of mountain architecture, I came to the project through a modern reinterpretation of construction techniques and materials of the past. All of this because I believe that mountain architecture is an emblematic example of sustainable architecture, because we used materials derived from nature and for obvious reasons at km 0.

From the formal point of view, the building refers to rural houses with a single sloping roof completely covered in stone and without eaves.

Having had to confront with a pre-existence I worked first of all on the sun and the lighting being the Orobico side little exposed to the radiation opting for the cover to a single pitch; this decision allowed me to raise the face exposed to the north, insert the 4 openings of the same size equal to 2,30xh.1,40 cm (one per room on the first floor and 2 on the ground floor with a beautiful view of the Rhaetian side of the Alps) and at the same time achieve a double height on the kitchenette and dining area illuminated from above through a skylight, flush coverage, consisting of n.2 glass 0.70×1.80 cm and n.3 glass 0.70×0.90 cm.. I have thus obtained a natural illuminated environment guaranteeing energy and economic savings and thus satisfying the demands of the property.

The structure of the house is reinforced concrete and concrete bolognini with suitable thermal insulation, so you can get excellent living comfort, and local stone cladding. The roof consists of laminated wooden beams and painted white. The doors and windows are made of brushed laminated larch and not treated with double-glazed shatterproof; from the point of view of the materials and their combination I therefore aimed for those with a strong intrinsic materiality: stone and wood.

The interior design has largely focused on local craftsmanship, which I consider very important because it represents our history, trying to make as much as possible custom-made pieces from my design, using materials that would allow me such as reinforced concrete, natural larch, iron and wood.

From here are born many elements: the fireplace, the table, the seats, the staircase, the bidet, the toilet, the shower tray and the sink.

The same applies to the kitchenette also thrown in place and made to measure, in stainless steel, the 2 sinks.

The external bathroom facilities were also made to measure in stainless steel.

As for the artificial lighting I used historical pieces of design Flos, of the suspensions brand Vesoi and in the kitchenette a lamp (lamp VI), always according to my design, natural larch.

The unit consists of a ground floor with entrance hall, living room, kitchen and bathroom in which the spaces are well defined (the breaking element is the concrete block) but at the same time open and bright and a first floor consists of two bedrooms and a loft used as a study.

Fotografo: Marcello Mariana

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