Alfredo Vanotti

EV + A lab

He cultivates the passion for the craftsmanship of furniture and objects of use. “Every project is based on in-depth analysis and study of the context in order to best fit into the surrounding landscape, with special focus on the environment and the typical local materials”.


Alfredo Vanotti is a young architect, born in 1978, who lives and works in a small town in Sondrio.

He studied at the Politecnico di Milano where he graduated in architecture in 2004.

After several professional experiences, in 2009, he founded the Studio EV + A lab – Atelier of Architecture & Interior design, which he loves to define as ‘a laboratory.’

At the core of each project, there are two main objectives; obtain a complete analysis of the setting to achieve the best integration into the landscape from an environmental perspective and use the area’s traditional materials.

Alfredo cultivates a passion for the craftsmanship of furniture and everyday objects.


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A ruin transformed into a suggestive bright residence, large windows that bring natural light maximizing the views over the panorama, with views towards the valley bottom.
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Ca’ Giovanni

In this project I had to deal with a pre-existent cattle shed/warehouse/barn from the early ‘900.
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