The stone wall of Trani

The split worked stone walls of Trani help to create the new identity of the spaces in a single-family villa in Mendrisio.
“I believe that true architecture cannot stop at the external surfaces of a house, but must develop, like a Moebius strip, from the outside to the inside, seamlessly. In my projects, the outside always finds its natural internal counterpart. But more than a simple correspondence (the emptiness that reflects the full), I like to work on two basic trait d’union: light and natural materials”…

Every project by Federico Delrosso starts from this thread. In the case of the extension and renovation of the single-family villa in Mendrisio it is expressed through substantial modifications of the original building, built in the 80s. To show “the most primordial aspect of architecture,” the architect chose split worked stone of Trani (the same as the cathedral of the same name). It compares with an “iron exoskeleton” used to create the balconies, gallery, and porch on the garden representing the most recent and industrial architecture element.

The splayed walls in Trani Stone retrace a pre-existing wall and follow the vertical and horizontal course of the new volumes added by the renovation. The result is a rather different building from the original. “I felt it necessary to create not only a new identity of the spaces but also to show the evolutionary character of the structure,” concludes Federico Delrosso.

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