The Pritzker Prize 2021

To the French architects Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal, the Pritzker Architecture Prize 2021, is considered the “Nobel” for architecture. This is the motivation of the jury: “strong architecture in its forms as in its convictions, transparent in its aesthetics as in its ethics”.

From 1987 at the head of the studio Lacaton and Vassal, always work in the name of “Never demolish, never remove, or replace; add, transform and reuse always!”. In over thirty years of activity, they have carried out projects in various cities of Europe and in Africa, ranging from interventions in public spaces and urban planning to social housing, residences, and cultural and academic institutions. The leitmotif of their work, the analysis of the resources available on site, the choice of economic, natural, and ecological materials, respect for the pre-existing architecture, and listening to the needs of the client.

In photo, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, of which Lacaton and Vassal followed the redevelopment project in 2012.

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