The energy of material contrast


When natural stone is used for a Marco Piva project, it holds all the power of technology but also the creativity and wisdom of those who know how to transform designs into shapes, transmitting fluidity, emotions, and functionality. And this happens in all areas, whether it’s design, interior, or large-scale architectural projects.

“There is frequently talk of the project’s identity and international language, often implying a certain homologation. With Marco Piva – observes Giorgio Tartaro – it does not happen. The maturity of his exploration of the materials and the impossible boundaries of the project is also expressed in this distant text”.

As a tireless traveler, Piva transfers his knowledge of culture, nature, and various territories to his projects. A prime example is the Club Center’s concept in Huzhou, which takes inspiration from the place and its surrounding nature, the sinuous shape of the leaves of the ancient tree of the city, and the Gingko, whose forest extends 12.5 kilometers.
In the new residential complex, Change on – White city, in the ancient province of Zhejiang, is an exclusive club that serves as housing and is simultaneously open to the city and its guests, fusing with the place and tradition.
The space, divided into three activity areas, places the leisure and wellness area on the ground floor and entertainment on the first. Natural stone – tundra grey, dolce vita, grey travertine for the floor and part of the wall coverings, and gold arabesque for the wall coverings – interacts with glass and metal.
The latter dominates the spectacular triple-height chandelier in the lobby. At the same time, steel completes the marble reception counter’s impact and the bathrooms’ self-standing washbasins, where the metal embraces the marble top.

Next to the expert execution and connection of natural and artificial light – the floods of light on the ceiling and the backlighting of the visual reference points in addition to the traditional technical and decorative lighting – the marble and metal monoliths of the billiard room dominate, reminiscent of the circular movement of a fan opening, and the backlit sculpture in onyx, marble, and metal in the wine cellar corridor.

From the material contrast, the meeting of marble, metals, glass, leather, and fabrics, dynamic environments arise, sometimes monumental.



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