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Quarzite Michelangelo

Quarzite Michelangelo Antolini

Thanks to its extraordinary decorative potential, natural stone can be a precious tool for designers and clients who want to add value to various spaces, including hotels, restaurants, offices, and even museums.
An example of the extraordinary communicative power with which natural stone can embellish these contexts is the evocative Hall of a business and retail center in Tehran. The protagonist is the Quartzite Michelangelo.
This Hall presents as an area of great drama.

Primarily due to the marked contrast between the squared lighting elements – not only the lamps but also the long backlit counter – with the floor and the ceiling of a deep black. To reinforce the surprising, dramatic effect, the wall made of Quartzite Michelangelo natural stone acts as a scenic backdrop. This particular stone offers a spectacular background: its repeated composition and symmetrical open spots manifest as a real “natural work of art,” evoking the splendor of a contemporary Baroque taste.

The slabs form oblong, grey-blue rhombuses, alternating long forms with lighter tones, on a connective tissue of veins and lines, now dark or reddish, which evoke the earth’s depth from which the stone comes.
The environment, rarefied and dreamlike, is also due to bright volumes reflected on the floor, black and shiny, acquiring a solidity and power thanks to the natural stone wall, which counteracts the other elements of the setting.

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