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Ignazio Gardella’s projects are brought to life with re-releases

Thanks to expert philological work and research conducted in the archives of designers and architects, some pieces from the history of design are being re-released, overcoming the test of time and emphasizing the value of the material.

There are pieces that are a strong testament to their time but at the same time impress with their modernity. This is the case for the so-called icons of design, signed by Masters such as the Castiglioni brothers, Mangiarotti, Scarpa, Caccia Dominioni, Gio Ponti, as well as Ignazio Gardella. Regarding the latter, in addition to milestones in the history of contemporary Italian architecture, works include Casa alle Zattere in Venice, The PAC – Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan, the house of residence at the Gardens of Hercules signed with Anna Castelli Ferrieri and Roberto Menghi, still considered avant-garde objects still today.

One of these is the coffee table Stand, designed by Gardella in 1952 and now re-released by Tato. The marble base (Carrara, Marquina or Grigio) and wooden tops are joined together by a handle: a graphic sign, as well as a practical utility element.

Engineer, architect, designer, Ignazio Gardella (1905 – 1999) founded in 1947, with Luigi Caccia Dominioni and Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua, the historic Azucena brand and dominated the design and architecture scene until the 90s.

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