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Gio Ponti. The XL Book

“The strongest element is not wood, it is not stone, it is not steel, it is not glass. The strongest element in building is art. Let’s do something very beautiful” Gio Ponti.

Taschen publishes the complete monograph of Gio Ponti: 60 years of career, 572 pages, in XL format (36 x 36 cm, 5.67 kg), with unpublished photos, archive material and an Art Edition of 1000 copies that includes the coffee table Arlecchino re-edited by Molteni & C., and a set of four prints of studio drawings on ocean liners.

Created in collaboration with the Gio Ponti Archive and its founder Salvatore Licitra, it is edited by Stefano Casciani and Karl Kolbitz with the contribution of Salvatore Licitra, Lisa Licitra Ponti, Brian Kish, Fabio Marino.
The book traces the development of the work of the architect and designer over the course of 60 years, with 136 projects indexed and reproduced in high resolution, each object framed by the context in which Ponti had created it. There is no lack of unpublished materials and images that create new connections between his best known and lesser-known works. A real tribute to the artistic and professional path of the Master, publisher, creator, and poet over the arch of 6 decades.

In the photo the villa of the art collectors Anala and Armando Planchart of Caracas, built between 1953 and 1957. For its realization came from Italy, in addition to precious Italian marble (in particular, pink Candoglia marble was chosen for the dressing room of Anala), ceramics by Fausto Melotti, paintings by Morandi and Campigli, glass by Venini and Seguso, the fireplace-sculpture by Romano Rui.

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