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Authentic Natural Stone revived with the architects

Architects and designers will be the target audience of the PNA communication campaign (Authentic Natural Stone) 2020-2021.

The campaign’s communication activities will focus on realizing two spots – or minifilms – concentrated on conveying authentically natural stone products’ values. These spots are aimed at a professional public consisting of architects and interior designers, otherwise known as the industry’s decision-makers. These professionals have the power to direct clients from various sectors and of all different sizes to use marble, granite, and stone to realize their projects.

While cut differently, the two videos will both have the architect’s figure as the protagonist as a testimonial to the campaign concept; an original project cannot be separated from the authentically organic material that enhances its originality and creativity.

The commercials conveyed through an international digital campaign will be accompanied by a series of side activities from a new website, the editorial staff’s establishment to develop editorial content, and initiatives to engage current and potential networks.

When executed correctly, the above plan will reach the selected target of prescribers effectively and without dispersions.


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