Architects celebrate the virtue of Natural Stone

PNA’s 2020 video campaign is finally online.

8 video Interviews in which Architects and Designers discuss their “why” for the preference of the world of Natural Stone in their projects and creations. These are short pills that speak of uniqueness, transparency, thickness, color, resistance, naturalness, beauty, and history; areas in which Marble, Granite, Travertine and Natural Stone generally are unrivaled. In fact, with the purpose of marking its “difference” from the multitude of imitation materials, all respondents have adopted the campaign slogan: NO FAKES – Natural Stone Is Better.

A campaign by Architects for Architects. The great world of designers specializing in the fields of Architecture, Design, and Interior Design are in fact the main recipients of this worldwide communication.

A communication that does not have a direct commercial objective, but the desire to clearly promote the charm, the merits, the inimitability, and the beauty of these natural materials in an era in which too often imitations represent shortcuts, insulting Creativity and Culture.

The creatives of the Agency that has been responsible for the communication were asked to summarize the main motivational factors, towards the target, of this communication system. To quote Bruno Munari: “When someone says: I can do this too, it means that he only knows how to imitate, otherwise he would have done it already.” Inside every authentically creative act, there is a unique, original, and unrepeatable idea. The Natural Stone is par excellence a unique material, unrepeatable, capable of transferring history better than any other creative idea. Hence the pay-off that accompanies the PNA logo: “The one-off in every project”.

The campaign, exclusively carried out on digital channels, will be focused on sites, portals, social networks, and search engines mainly in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Italy. The videos will be accompanied by banners, DEM, newsletters, and advertorial, while the YouTube channel of PNA will present all the videos.

Antonio Iraci – Spot Video Intrerviews

Setsu Ito – Spot Video Intrerviews

Pasquale Piroso – Spot Video Intrerviews

Marco Piva – Spot Video Intrerviews

Alessandro La Spada – Spot Video Intrerviews

Alfredo Vanotti – Spot Video Intrerviews


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