All the facets of the vase

The archetypal shape of the vase is the starting point for a creative exercise surrounding the forms of marble and natural stone. Cambiovaso is the collection of 30 vases designed by as many designers coordinated by gumdesign.

There is the vase of Enzo Mari, round, smooth, monolithic, which enhances the veins of the White Statuary.
That of El Ultimo Grito called Vaso Caso, is in Bardiglio Nuvolato and multifaceted, “frozen in its matter, as the remains of an ancient artifact not found in Pompeii or lava formation property of Vesuvius”.
Vaso Paso, by Lorenzo Palmeri in Bianco Carrara and Sand Beach, has “nomadic roots, in power of movement, indeed it is walking or maybe even dancing, lost in some ancient dance of the earth or immersed in some ancestral ritual of fertility”.
Guglielmo Renzi worked on the void of matter: with Vaso Vado “we only have the space to place a rose”, in Bianco Calacatta.
Vaso Vano/Vasonova vase, by Setsu and Shinobu Ito “loses its function as a container, as it is completely open, and shows its content”, its development enhances the natural aesthetic qualities of Bianco Carrara marble.
The Vase Vasi/Trevaso by Giulio Iacchetti, in Bianco Statuario, is a single piece but in reality, three vases one inside the other, “for a fantasy of concentric circles of grass and one lone central flower”.
Marta Laudani and Marco Romanelli have subverted the traditional verticality: Raso Vase spreads to the ground, “it is sculpted in Bianco Carrara marble as to stop a fold of the territory. The eye of the observer, well before reaching the flowery climax, is lost along the veins of matter in which it seems to flow nourishment”…

These are some of the 30 pieces that emerged from the work of designers who, involved by gumdesign, have played with the word Vase modifying a letter to change its meaning. But above all they have compared themselves with the shape of this object, investigating the expressive potential of marble, in a creative comparison with artisanal and industrial technologies.

The Cambiovaso collection, started in 2008, is published in limited series by Upgroup.

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