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Water. A vital element to be feared

Acqua. Elemento vitale ma anche da temere

With the arrival of autumn comes the rain, smog, and other increasingly severe atmospheric phenomena.

As such, buildings’ facades require care and protection. The intrusion of water could cause irreversible damage to the aesthetic of a structure by infiltrating the plaster’s cracks, damaging it immensely, and compromising the coating material.

To counter these phenomena of tarnishing and the appearance of spots on the facades that you often see in the historic city centers or resorts, FILA proposes HYDROREP ECO. An environmentally friendly water repellent with a natural effect, HYDROREP ECO deeply penetrates the material while preserving its breathability. It also protects the material’s surface against decay and hinders algae, mosses, and lichens’ proliferation.

This technology is ideal for protecting external walls in stone, non-polished agglomerates, concrete, terracotta, unplastered bricks, Klinker, plaster, and tuff.

Tested anti-vegetative according to UNI EN ISO 846: 1999, HYDROREP ECO is practical and quick to apply even on surfaces with residual humidity, resistant to UV rays. This technology does not alter the terracotta’s resistance and ensures a level of more than 90% breathability of the material.

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