The resort in the heart of the Alta Langa

GaS Studio, together with Parisotto+Formenton Architects, put their mark on the project of a new luxury resort overlooking over 40 hectares of vineyards, respecting the territory and sustainability.
Bricks, stones, plasters, floors, and fabrics that promote and interpret the organic colors of the land, trees, and color tones of the foliage before and after the harvest. Materials and surfaces that recall the green and nature in which the complex is immersed.
The Luserna stone comes from the area that, together with the 100% recyclable terracotta and the raw earth-based plaster, helps to improve the microclimate of the interior spaces. And then the wood elements from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council that promotes the responsible management of forests in the world, the furnishings selected from historic brands and icons of Made in Italy, rooms equipped with mattresses made by hand in Italy with natural materials…

The new resort Casa Di Langa Project, signed by GaS Studio with Parisotto+Formenton Architects and built by Malabaila&Arduino, starts from the redevelopment of a pre-existence immersed in a vast estate extended over hills covered in forest and vineyard crops. A radical transformation aimed at rationalizing paths, views and volumes in respect of the territory and the environment.

Materials have been reused at the construction site to minimize waste, and others have been re-introduced into the local supplier circuit. In contrast, new supplies of materials for the exterior and interior come from the surrounding area. The reduction in energy consumption is guaranteed by the exclusive use of 100% sustainable energy sources, including a mix of solar energy, a geothermal and photovoltaic system functional to heat and cool, and certified renewable energy. But not only that: 100% of the water consumption within the resort is recycled in wastewater and, after proper purification treatments, used throughout the property and vineyards for irrigation, integrating rainwater from the appropriate recovery system.

The new building is inserted on a hilly slope and is divided into three main wings with a C shape around a central courtyard. The porches, the external balconies, protected by brick filters, the roofs in brick tiles recall the traditional rural architecture and local vernacular.
Externally the red stamp of the walls dominates, the traditional tiles of the pitched roofs, the permeable textures of the brick almond trees. The interior is decorated with stone, natural plaster, oak wood, and exposed beams, which give private rooms and common areas a warm and welcoming atmosphere. In particular, Pietra di Luserna was used to make the kitchen counter and the bathrooms’ walls and floors.

Member of “Preferred Hotels & Resorts and L.V.X Collection,” the five-star Casa di Langa is located in the heart of Piedmont, at the gates of the Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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