The faces of marble

Graphic references to Bauhaus and cubist inspirations, but above all free and autonomous expression of creativity. Born from these suggestions, Faces, a collection of decorative sculptures in marble and natural stones designed and self-produced by Dainelli Studio.
Faces in profile, notable noses which, depending on the design, are revealed by the addition or subtraction of matter, are outlined through combinations of marble and different stones. Geometric figures that form portraits with disjointed and overlapping faces – as in the cubist imagination – put together to create material and formal contamination in a balanced synthesis of space, time, and perspectives.
A recurrent motif reflected in Dainelli Studio’s aesthetic, one of faces and profiles, is often found in their products and decor and, in this case, gives life to a series of sought-after precious objects. The same applies to the studio’s selection of natural stone that, for most of the projects, is the material of choice for its classicism, considered among the most suitable for customers and furniture companies.

Founded in 2007 by Leonardo and Marzia Dainelli, designers and architects specialized in product design and interior design; the studio engages in continuous research on image and form. In the case of Faces, the research is free from the constraints and specifications of a company or customer because it is self-produced.
The strong materiality of the collection is expressed in every single sculpture through the following combinations: Travertine | Port Saint Lauren Marble | Green alpine marble; Cotton Avola Stone | White marble by Carrara | Pietra d’Avola; Calacatta green marble |Onyx |Marquinia black marble; Calacatta green marble | Port Saint Lauren marble |Red marble (Levanto/Verona); Port Saint Laurent marble |Light onyx.

This small self-production was created ad hoc for Artemest, Italian e-commerce active in luxury handmade design products.

By Sabrina Sciama

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