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Objects between art and design in Palissandro marble

Explore the series of the Mass collection, born from the collaboration between Agglomerati, the study of London design founded in 2019 by Sam Henley, and Australian furniture manufacturer Fred Ganim.

The MASS series includes three sizes of the modular pieces—MASS Small, MASS Medium and MASS Large. Each piece in the collection comes as a base and three separate slabs of marble that can be, thanks to the skillful distribution of their weight, slotted in the base to serve as lecterns, shelves or tables. In the photos, the Palissandro marble cut into large cubic volumes, extracted from the quarry located near Bergamo.

Mass can be produced in different formats and in a selection of other Italian marbles. It will be presented from 5 to 10 September at Alcova Inganni in Milan.

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