Bagnara S.p.A.

Nikolaus Bagnara is a familyrun business in its third generation, founded in 1948 as a natural stone processing company. Today, it is an international leader in the production, distribution, and processing of stone materials.

The accessibility of Bagnara owned quarries, supported by strategic agreements with manufacturers worldwide, ensures the availability and prompt delivery of over 900 different natural stones of superior quality. The materials are first stored in Rivoli Veronese and Massa Carrara’s warehouses and then transferred for processing to the production plant in Cavaion Veronese, Veneto, where they are transformed into slabs. Every day 3,000 m2 of slabs are processed, ensuring a constant supply of material in over ten surface processes.

Bagnaras strength is its complete vision and expertise along the entire production chain of natural stone. This feature allows the company to support customers at every stage of their work. Deep knowledge of the raw material is essential when choosing natural stone. Experience with manufacturing from a technical and aesthetic point of view; understanding in processing artifacts customization, skilled and specialized technicians to carry out assembly, and constant assistance contribute in a decisive way to the success of a project within the deadline and the strengthened relationship with collaborators.

A serious and reliable partner, offering assistance and 360-degrees of support to every customer type: from private to artisan, from the architect to the designer, up to the great building designer.

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