Mother Stone, the nature, the sculpture, the city

“Stone is nature. And nature is mother”. The relationship between art and nature is at the center of the work of Pinuccio Sciola, on display in Cagliari.
“I am born of stone, I am a lover of earth, water, flowers, sun”: Pinuccio Sciola (1942-2016) investigated a constant, original, poetic relationship between art and nature.

With the exhibition Pinuccio Sciola. Mother Stone, nature, sculpture, the city – scheduled until 3 October 2021 – the new season of the cultural offer of the Castle of San Michele in Cagliari begins again.

The exhibited works are representative of the constant research around the expressive potential of materials, “in the horizon of timeless time, the origins of the world and its endless cycles”. A constant, original and creative investigation of the close relationship between art and nature, elaborated through the decades with an untiring creative and design vein.
The visitor is welcomed by the installation of the iron spires, conceived by Sciola as a tribute to Antoni Gaudí and his tension towards infinity, to continue with another tribute, this time to Grazia Deledda and his Reeds in the wind. Here, the basalt seeds lead directly into the art of Sciola: “perfect synthesis of his idea of sculpture, representing the stone that fertilizes the earth, the origin of life and creativity”.Because “stone is nature. And nature is mother”.
Continuing through the exhibition you pass by the bare stones, left almost intact compared to their shape, to get to the sound stones, basalt or limestone.

In the hands of Sciola the stone is no longer “mute”, as tradition, but “encloses the song of fire and water, the magic of the starry skies, the energy of the universe. She is a mother, but also a sister, in the Franciscan sense, and comes to coincide with a deep feeling of the sacred”. The exhibition closes with the stone played by the sculptor – just a few weeks before his death (2016) – in San Pietro Vincoli, in Rome, in front of Michelangelo’s Moses.

On display until 03 October 2021 in Cagliari at the Castello di San Michele. The exhibition, organized in partnership with the Sciola Foundation, is curated by Simona Campus and Tiziana Ciocca, in collaboration with Maria Sciola. Installation by Salvatore Campus.

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