Marmomac 2021 – The Revival of Stone

After the forced closures of 2020, PNA, Authentic Natural Stone, participates, with its stand, in the 2021 edition of Marmomac.

For three years, the activity of PNA, aimed at the enhancement and development of the Italian supply chain of stone products, has taken shape through important advertising campaigns in the main world markets.
The cohesion, commitment, and desire to work together with this group of enlightened companies consolidating and giving life, in 2022, to new and even more robust communication. This, too, is thanks to the ongoing negotiations for entry into the “club” of new significant companies in the sector—an example of entrepreneurial farsightedness that has few equals in other industrial sectors in Italy.

The campaigns of these years have been addressed to the public of “prescribers”: Architects and Interior Designers, and those who have the task of choosing the material to use in construction.
After years of foul play through artificial materials, through the will of a group of forerunners, we witness the “awakening of Stone“, to affirm its virtues, value, and inimitable uniqueness; to develop, at world level, the culture of the authentic, as opposed to the easy subculture of fakes and imitations

For this reason, in 2020 and 2021, the slogan NO FAKES – Natural Stone Is Better has been used to draw attention to the differences between “original” and imitation. PNA spoke to Architects, and in turn, these Architects have been represented, used as “witnesses” of the unparalleled virtue of Marble, Granite, and Travertine. Some young, others with a rich heritage at their backs, some at the dawn of the profession, others recognized by international fame, Italians and foreigners, all have expressed their point of view on the virtues of Stone (to be seen on www.naturalstoneisbetter).

In 2022 the communication will take a further step towards the education of designers to Natural Stone. A digital campaign, an essential program of events during principal tradeshows (such as il Salone, Marmomac, Cersaie), together with a site, increasingly illustrative of all the novelties of the supply chain, the network operators, the architectural achievements in natural Stone, the technologies: these are some of the stimuli for 2022 to continue the construction of knowledge and culture of Authentic Natural Stone.

In 2022 the USA and UK will seek to work alongside some European markets and the East, allowing PNA notoriety and a true global breath.

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