Kadokawa Kultur Museum, twenty thousand granite slabs

Kadokawa Kultur Museum, ventimila lastre di granito.

A monolith covered with twenty thousand angular slabs of granite, distributed over 61 triangular panels. The new Kadokawa Culture Museum is a cultural center designed by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma around the fusion between library, art museum, and natural history museum. Inaugurated definitively on November 6 – some sections have been open since August 2020 – the museum is located in Musashino, about 30 kilometers from Tokyo, and spreads over five levels.

On the first floor a library and a gallery of 1000 square meters, on the second a bar and a shop, on the third the projection room for Japanese animation films, on the fourth the extensive and scenic library, eight meters high with 50,000 volumes, on the fifth floor a gallery for exhibitions and a restaurant.
A kind of hub based on the sharing of knowledge, which transcends the boundaries between art, literature, and natural history.

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