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New antibacterial and protective treatments for natural stone

Healthy living con Azerobact® plus di Antolini

Hygiene is a subject that is becoming increasingly relevant in many fields; even the world of design must now take this factor into significant consideration. Innovative treatments responded in a concrete way to a person’s need for a protected and sanitized environment, increasing a natural stones’ performance in hygiene and health.
By creating a surface resistant to bacteria, these processes inhibit bacteria’s formation and proliferation to the advantage of a healthier and cleaner lifestyle in any indoor environment.
Suitable for all residential, hospitality, or business applications, these treatments reveal their maximum potential in two spaces where the need for protection is higher: the kitchen – since also suitable for food contact – and the bathroom.
They perform their protective function, while maintaining the natural stone’s colors and unique properties.
Thus beauty, innovation and hygiene are combined, guaranteeing aesthetically extraordinary raw materials that are simultaneously healthier.
Furthermore, these new processes protect natural stone over time: the properties acquired by the materials are in fact long-lasting. The natural stones enhanced by the treatment are extremely easy to clean: water, mild soap, and a simple wet non-abrasive cloth are enough to get the job done.

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