Botticino and Calacatta in Forte dei Marmi

Marine contamination, noble materials and determined geometric shapes in the project of Vudafieri Saverino Partners for the new opening of Peck in Forte dei Marmi.

The famous Gastronomy and Enoteca Peck opened in Forte dei Marmi its fourth store in Italy, the first outside the city of Milan. Entrusted to Studio Vudafieri Saverino Partners, the mastermind behind the point sale of Peck Citylife in Milan, the interior design defines a space representative of identity and the values of an icon of Italian gastronomy.
The large counter presents the famous sequence of prepared foods and is characterized by the pillars in Botticino in continuity with the floor. The back table in Calacatta Marble houses the refrigerated windows for meat and the bars of cured meats.

To complete the gastronomic offer the central exhibitors designed with the same materials the perimeter walls, to enhance coherence and identity.

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