Baroque and Neobaroque, the design festival in Ragusa

Scheduled from 24 to 26 September in Ragusa, the first edition of the Baroque design festival is creating a dialogue surrounding design and business culture.

Immersed in the baroque scenery of the City of Ragusa, with its lush stucco and expanses of mostly pink marble, the zero edition of Barocco and Neobarocco will be immersed. Designed by Roberto Semprini who is also artistic director, with the curatorship of Valentina Fisichella, the festival will be an opportunity to discuss expressions of the “neo-baroque” design that identifies the Ibleo territory, still formal, constant, common to some cultural trends of our time.
The initiative involves the knowledge and entrepreneurship present in the territory putting it in creative relationship with designers, artists and fashion stylists, as well as with the contribution of internationally established companies.

The program of meetings and specialist insights dedicated to professionals, will be accompanied by the site-specific artistic installations and the exposition of the results of the research work of Academies and Universities.
A fascinating journey through the spaces and locations of the city of Ragusa. The design festival is sponsored by ADI, Accademia di Brera, Accademia di Carrara, Università di Napoli Luigi Vanvitelli, IULM, Order of Architects, as well as the support of entrepreneurial realities spread throughout the national territory.

In the photos, the poster of the event, the Palace of the Chancellery of Ragusa (one of the 18 monuments of Ragusa UNESCO World Heritage), the tables in marble Engraved by Roberto Semprini for Ducale Marble, the lava stone totems of Nerosicilia.

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