Awards and promotion of the territory

The seventeenth edition of the Architecture Award for the City of Oderzo (PAO), aimed at the promotion of architecture in Triveneto, has arrived. Among the ten works that emerged from the 111 examined, the winner will be proclaimed on the 23rd of April 2021. Focused on the concept of territory, the Award highlights works that are different in context, type, and commission but share widespread quality, dialogue with the territory, and natural materials such as stone and wood, focusing on the link between architecture and environment. The works selected vary from houses to schools, from mountain huts to wine cellars, from industrial buildings to exhibition centers to public spaces in historical environments and installations in the countryside. A heterogeneity that shows how much – in Triveneto, but not only – public and private commissioning focus on architecture as a value, as well as economic leverage for urban and suburban areas.
For architecture as a service and value for the territory and the community.

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