Interior Design

A masterpiece of nature in Rosso Lepanto marble

A table that is a sculpture made from a block of Rosso Lepanto marble. Infinito is designed by Roberto Lazzeroni and produced by Poltrona Frau in a limited series of numbered and signed pieces.
A small and limited section of mountain develops into a deep sage coloration with shades of darker green, crossed by light veins with some small reddish inclusions of the original color. From a natural event like this a matter that is a unique and unrepeatable masterpiece can be born.
Architect Roberto Lazzeroni, a long-time collaborator of Poltrona Frau, was given the honor of designing a piece that fully enhances the surface of the slabs obtained from this unique block of Rosso Lepanto marble.

The surface has a staggered double oval shape; a reference to the complementarity of ying and yang, but also to an inverted 8, symbol of completeness and endless prosperity: Infinity, in fact. Its rounded lines enhance the mottled green in all its shades, which are unique and unrepeatable for each of the pieces.
The base of the table in white Carrara marble is designed as the pedestal of this sculpture and is inspired by the columns of classical statuary. Each foot is obtained from a single block of marble and is characterized by the tree shape, which with its “branches” opens dynamically outwards.

Infinito is available in two versions: a limited series of 8 pieces for the large double oval size, 340×120 cm long, supported by two legs. 64 examples are made for the oval version, size 220×124 cm, with a single base. In the larger version, the top is crossed by a thin blade of stainless steel that, set obliquely in the marble, acts as a trait d’union of the two oval surfaces.

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