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2000/2020 Design Super Show

Twenty years of innovative design exhibitions, 520 pages, 750 images, and 70 meetings with the protagonists of architecture and Design. The book by Gisella Borioli traces the birth and evolution of Superstudio Più.

“If today Milan has become the world’s capital of Design, it is thanks to the union between Salone in Fiera and Fuorisalone in the City, which I have since the earliest moments, and first, greatly encouraged the City to support. Today, Milan Design Week, with its Fuorisalone in neighborhoods, is the most brilliant and well-known global event in its sector. It attracts crowds of enthusiasts and professionals from increasingly distant countries. Superstudio was a pioneer and, twenty years later, is still a cornerstone”. It is in this way that Gisella Borioli introduces her book 2000/2020 Design Super Show.
With the graphic concept of Flavio Lucchini and the subtitle “evolution and mise-en-scène of design at the Superstudio in Milan,” it has become a sort of diary of the City’s transformation through the creative interventions of the world of architecture, Design, and project.

A symbol of innovative exhibition formulation and precursor of Fuorisalone widespread in Milan’s various areas, Superstudio has been one of the protagonists of contemporary Design’s metamorphosis and representation. The book tells the story of the last twenty years of the design scene through interviews and images of exhibitions, settings, and iconic objects. A book that is “the story of a passion for design, gratitude for all those who were close to us, and of a love for Milan”.
Design Super Show also talks about the future: “In 2021, the Superstudio Project will expand with the opening of a third and innovative location, giving more answers to the world of events and Design called Supertudio Maxi, on the edge of City Hall 6. The roaring ’20s’ of the twenty-first century began so dramatically but did not stop the creative energy that, has in front of it, new horizons and challenging responsibilities”.

The paperback edition can be obtained from Superstudio by writing to
The digital version is available on

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