Margutta Project


Pasquale Piroso

Loft Canova

Project details:

  • Client: PDB Sosinia S.r.l.
  • Location: Roma, Lazio

It seems to me to be the right combination for a hotel like this. Designed and built from an idea of mine, on a prominent street, Via Margutta, known for being the street of art.

It was the studio of Luigi Ontani, one of the greatest Italian artists.

I still remember when I first visited it. The Sculptures, canvases, paintings, art objects, art books, materials, colors, and frames presented themselves before me.

It was a home-studio inhabited by an artist and visionary dreamer, a man who made a comprehensive work of art from his entire body.   It was and should have been a place of art; this was the first impression.

In listening to the place, the project was born according to its history and its representation. A luxury guest house residence, where every little thing leads you to art, through architecture, a dream for those who come to stay in a Roman holiday.

Today, in this Roman residence, one seemingly enters a “place of others,” but it belongs to you.

A project of mine, conceived and interpreted together with Luigi Ontani, Tommaso Cascella, and Matteo Basilè, three great artists who have accompanied every space of my project: each of them with their art.

The use of natural materials, stone, marble mosaics, wood, glass, steel. The stairs that go all the way up told by Tommaso Cascella; use natural stone and mosaic inserts representing infinity and time passing. The marble floor of the Cascella’s Great Hall represents the “celestial map”; the light that backlights the domes in the artistic photos of Matteo Basilè, with its artistic theme “Landing.”

The ceramic sculpture by Luigi Ontani, the symbol that combines the past and present. The mosaics in the bathrooms tell the story of Roman sculptural materials. The staircase leading to the upper floors, in steel and glass, infiltrating a wall in Roman bricks. Sinuous shapes, objects of design, natural materials and a lot of art. This is the listening poetic that built the Margutta project.

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