Hotel Tonino Lamborghini


Marco Piva

Studio Marco Piva

Project details:

  • Client: Chengdu Donghe Real Estate Ltd
  • Location: China

The Hotel Tonino Lamborghini, for which Studio Marco Piva has also designed the facade, is part of the new Tonino Lamborghini towers complex, a latest generation buildings where commercial, cultural and residence functions converge.

The common areas of the hotel are located from the street level up to the seventh floor, while the rooms and apartments starting from the eighth floor of tower A, for a total of about 210 rooms and apartments, characterized by different types and sizes, designed to offer a unique hospitality experience to various types of users, from business to leisure.

The design skillfully blends Chinese tradition and Italian design culture: a tribute to two cultures both with ancient traditions, for a highly scenographic result that has its roots in history, projecting it into the contemporary era.

The common spaces are characterized by a dynamic design that stands out for the choice of fine materials, shapes and beams of light with a decisive cut, optical effects and fragmentation of the surfaces dictated by the rhythm of the materials, scenographic use of light that plays with the glowes created by shiny and reflective finishes, and attention to the smallest details, with the custom creation of decorative panels and different furnishing elements, to give a spectacular touch to every single environment, from the reception to the thematic restaurants, from the lobby to the lounges and up to the rooms.

Strong decorative marbles, vertical lines that recall the bamboo of the nature reserves adjacent to the city, circular elements such as mirrors, lamps and tables that recall the traditional Chinese umbrellas, are some of the recurring elements in the hotel spaces, interpreted according to the Italian tradition linked to aesthetics, functionality and emotion.

A particularly scenographic environment will be the one of the swimming pool, on the seventh floor, with its conformation that allows the view both on the city skyline and on the vertical development of tower A. An atmosphere conceived as the encounter of Water and Fire elements, with a waterfall on the window overlooking the city and a play of light on the opposite wall that recalls the fire.

A hotel that will allow its customers to live a unique and timeless experience, emphasizing, through the Italian design, the exclusivity and values of the culture in which it is inserted.

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