Stocchero Attilio & C. S.r.l.

Natural Stone as a way of life.

The company, founded in 1983 by Attilio Stocchero, is now one of the most influential in the stone industry thanks also to the intuition of Attilio’s son Giorgio Stocchero who, for years, has found new ways of conquering the market.
Initially, the business was centered mainly in Europe. However, because of the continuous research of new materials and constant technological updates, since 2005, the company has been producing large volumes and expanding to new markets, including the United States, India, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Stocchero Attilio has 600 types of stone and is always at the forefront of its offers, thanks to its testers searching for new materials worldwide.
The material is processed with the utmost care during each phase, starting with selecting the stone and continuing with the cutting phase of the blocks.

The meticulous organization of the production department, the flexibility in the types of processing, and the planned handling of materials allow Stocchero Attilio to meet the customer’s needs and expectations of high production quality.
The production plant is equipped with three polishing lines for granite, two Breton, and one Pedrini. There is also a new calibration line, a Breton polishing line for marble, and two resin lines.
One of the most recent additions to the production line is a Pedrini B460MW resin line, complete with a robotic arm and modern microwave system to ensure the best result.

The company offers a total of 500,000 square meters of processed slabs, all held in the company’s workshop. These are kept in addition to the stock of blocks from 2017.
Additionally, there are two “Stone Live” within the company, a space dedicated to the exhibition of materials: Stone Live 1 for Marble and Stone Live 2, introduced in 2017, for the most exclusive quartzites, mainly from Brazil.

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