Cereser Marmi S.p.a.

Since 1965 CERESER has been synonymous with natural stone, Italian style, and quality. The company’s close link with Verona’s territory and its ability to enhance the values of natural stone are the pillars of an industry that stands out in the world for its continuous pursuit of excellence.

Extreme care for selecting materials, continuous innovation of production processes, and perfection of a unique purchasing experience are just a few aspects that make CERESER a pillar of Made in Italy.

CERESER has the utmost appreciation for Natural stone. No other place values as it does; this magnificent raw material used in art, architecture, and everyday life.

The CERESER production and exhibition center is located in Verona, one of the world’s most essential marble district.

At the company’s center, visitors, customers, and designers are invited to experience the one-of-a-kind sensation achieved only by exploring the unique space.  To discover the protagonists of CERESER; marble, granite, onyx, travertine, and quartzite, one can take a journey through the awe-inspiring exhibition rooms, multifunctional areas, and production department.

CERESER selects and monitors the main quarries to choose the best natural materials from all over the world. Among these materials, you can find the most relevant and exclusive pieces in the marble industry.

The goal of CERESER, starting from the quarry, is to guarantee the highest aesthetic quality and standards of its products. Its entire production district is designed to handle, with extreme efficiency, any request: from a small order consisting of a few plates, each of a different design, to large-scale uniform distributions.

CERESER offers its customers a team of professionals who are well-versed in each geographical area’s specific needs. Additionally, it holds strategic partnerships with essential forwarders relieving the customer from any eventual problems of transport, logistics, and delivery.

While a quality control system manages every single stage of CERESER‘s production process, calibrated to stringent and particularly selective standards, a further, final examination is supervised by an extremely qualified team to guarantee the highest business standards.

In addition to a physical warehouse, CERESER offers a valuable online warehouse: Las Web. This indispensable tool can be used at any place and time to check the availability of stock. With this online assistance, one can visualize the product’s images and determine the availability of dimensions, thicknesses, and finishes in real-time.

CERESER is the first company in the world to implement a production process that is entirely food-safe, a factor that is fundamental for customers looking for a secure and sanitized kitchen counter.

The MASTER COUNTERTOP range was born from a selection of premium, natural materials that follow incredibly high aesthetic standards and hold a stringent resistance.

CERESER” is also the first and only App in the world that uses augmented reality technology in the field of natural stone. Designed for fabricators, kitchen studios, and architects, it is an engaging and indispensable tool for end customers.


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